Audiovisual productions

TV programs, reports, spots...

In Integralbar we have created the audiovisual department for the production, creation and marketing of entertainment Cocktailmania television format.


In recent years the consumption of cocktail product experiences tremendous growth peak earning top sales history in all its business lines; even the general public "practice" the cocktail at home.

Cocktailmania is a television program that brings the public into the world of cocktail in an entertaining and educational way. The purpose is simple for the viewer to experience new drinks, get to know their history and enjoy with their friends in their leisure time, showing off their bartending skills.

Audio-visual services for hotel and catering business

Integralbar Audio-visual Possesses set, human and technical equipment for the accomplishment, production, and post production of all kinds of reports, corporate videoes, spots, events and acts related to the hotel and catering business sector.

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